Texas Dave (davecameburning) wrote in theycameburning,
Texas Dave

They Came Burning Is Back!!!

Texas’ own They Came Burning (Counterintelligence Records) and With All Sincerity (Pluto Records) will both be coming out of retirement for a two-week west coast tour this winter as well as writing new material. They Came Burning will be adding guitarist Jason Hale of Chiodos (Equal Vision Records) fame to the roster while With All Sincerity will has returned to an almost original lineup. If you can assist in booking any of the dates contact the band HERE. The tour mapping currently is as follows:

12/09 El Paso, TX
12/10 Santa Fe, NM
12/11 Denver, CO
12/12 Salt Lake City, UT
12/13 Reno, NV
12/14 Las Vegas, NV
12/15 Bakersfield, CA
12/16 Los Angeles, CA
12/17 Los Angeles, CA
12/18 San Diego, CA
12/19 Phoenix, AZ
12/20 Tucson, AZ
12/21 Dallas, TX
12/22 Corpus Christi, TX
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